The Voluntary Math Challenge

  By Daniel Schwarz
(with some help from Keith Schwarz)

Welcome to the Voluntary Math Challenge, an online test of mathematical and deductive skills. This test was designed for people of all ages and educational backgrounds. While it may be helpful, an extensive mathematical background is not necessary.

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Test Format

The test is logically broken into two sections. In the first section, the goal is to determine the next number in the sequence. A large number of methods are used throughout the problems, so think creatively as well as analytically. The numbers may be determined by the previous numbers, or they may be determined by their place in the sequence. Very little outside information is used; even a minimally versed mathematics student should know enough to solve every problem.

The section section consists of pattern completion. The goal is to the determine the identity (X or O) of each unknown tile. The correct patterns in the five-by-five grids range from numerical progressions to hidden pictures. It is possible that there are more than on correct solution; however, only the best solution will be accepted. All question marks must be identified to receive points.


Each problem is grouped into one of four categories and has points equal to its category number. For example, a problem in category 1 is worth 1 point, in category 4, 4 points. No penalty is incurred for wrong answers, guessing is permissible and encouraged.


The VMC server keeps track of all submitted tests scores and calculates statistical values from them. At the conclusion of a test session, you will receive detailed information about your score and how you compare with other test-takers. Additionally, the VMC records your data point to maximize accuracy. Of course, no personally identifiable information is recorded.

Take the Test Hall of Fame Statistics About the VMC

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